VPP is an innovation intensive power & technology company, whose in-house team of professionals developed a cutting-edge Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) in 2011. This robust IT structure forms the basis of our activities, competences and enables us to provide 360º Energy Management Services both to power and heat producers and consumers.

As a systems integrator and proprietor of this unique smart grid solution, we are constantly improving our VPPS and our related services in order to make energy production and consumption smarter, cleaner and more efficient now and for future generations.

Virtual Power Plant Solution Services

  • Sales & Production Management

  • Demand-Side Management

  • Electricity Trading

  • Virtual Power Plant system development and engineering

On-Site Technology Solution Services

  • Development of customized primary technology set-up and energy mix

  • Installation of optimized network, production and storage facilities required for demand-side management

  • Energy system development, design, engineering and construction management, as well as

  • Complete operation management for

    • natural gas- and biogas-fired CHP power plants

    • biomass heating plants

    • wind and solar energy plants

    • energy storage systems


VPP is committed to promote the use of smart grid technologies making decentralized and alternative energy systems more flexible, efficient and secure.
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VPP is a fast-growing international company present in 5 countries with 80 employees in Europe.
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Corporate Structure

VPP is a transparent company group of which activity relies on its subsidiaries’ operation in several countries in Europe.
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