At VPP, our aim is not only to decentralize energy systems and apply alternative energy solutions together, but also to make these systems more flexible and more secure. We want to promote the use of exciting innovations like smart grid technology that harmonize power generation and consumption, making power generation more predictable and consumption more conscious. All this adds up to cheaper and more efficient energy – and a cleaner world.

The future is already here! See our infographics on smart grid technology



Our Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) is allowing VPP to operate a new, long-term sustainability energy model which

  • is at the cutting edge of global energy system trends;

  • relies on the traditions and advantages of decentralized power generation systems;

  • connects IT and energy systems to make power generation and services more flexible and efficient.


VPP’s activities and competences rely on the robust IT structure embodied in our state-of-the art Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS).
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VPP is a fast-growing international company present in 5 countries with 80 employees in Europe.
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Corporate Structure

VPP is a transparent company group of which activity relies on its subsidiaries’ operation in several countries in Europe.
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