VPPS - The Smart Grid Solution

In 2011 our dynamic team of engineers, IT experts, power plant operation and electricity trading professionals created a brand new Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS).  Built on a robust IT structure, our unique business and technology innovation uses a smart grid to connect consumers with heat and power producers and also with multiple market segments.

VPPS balances production and consumption utilizing multiple markets simultaneously - real-time, 24/7. This results in financial, technical and environmental benefits for all our partners.

Our VPPS is not only a software, a plant operation tool or a trading platform, but a 360° Energy Management Service System which provides energy producers with electricity trading, plant operation, finance and controlling and IT support services.

Our VPPS is a tailor-made solution which is continuously adjusted to the needs and characteristics of local markets. Ongoing changes in our consumer base and markets require constant system development, meaning constant improvements to our VPPS. As the proprietor of this unique smart grid solution we received design protection for the operation control methodology of our VPPS.

What makes our Virtual Power Plant special?

Our VPPS has been in operation since 2011. During these years, we have succeeded in setting up a system which ensures market competitiveness for our partners and which provides the TSO with a solid, reliable service delivered with state-of-the-art speed and exceptional flexibility.