Experience & Expertise

VPP is an innovative power & technology company with over 10 years of experience in the power and heat supply in Europe.

During these years, our dynamic team of engineers, IT experts, power plant operation and electricity trading professionals has created a unique Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) and realized several on-site technology developments.

Virtual Power Plant Solution 

  1. VPP developed and launched its Virtual Power Plant Solution already in 2011 that is able to participate in balancing energy markets with the highest available flexibility and speed.

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    We manage a 150 MW portfolio of independent, locally separated small-scale power plants:

  2. Developed a unique business and technology model to provide energy producers and consumers with intelligent energy solutions and competitive market advantages.

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  3. Gained extensive expert knowledge of the market and international electricity trading.

    On-Site Technology Solutions

  4. Developed, engineered, constructed and operated 20 CHP and RES small-scale power plants for multinational and national companies, as well as for city district heating companies, public institutions, commercial and office buildings in Europe.



VPP’s activities and competences rely on the robust IT structure embodied in our state-of-the art Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS).
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VPP is committed to promote the use of smart grid technologies making decentralized and alternative energy systems more flexible, efficient and secure.
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VPP is a fast-growing international company present in 5 countries with 80 employees in Europe.
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Corporate Structure

VPP is a transparent company group of which activity relies on its subsidiaries’ operation in several countries in Europe.
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