Benefits for Energy Producers

Our Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) provides Sales & Production Management services (SPM) for power and heat producers so that they can obtain higher margins and additional technological and environmantal benefits.

Smart P-Unit

The cutting-edge technology behind our VPPS is the key to all the benefits it delivers. Power and heat producers are connected to our VPPS and managed by the VPP Control Center through a direct data connection. The Smart P-Unit is the control unit which forwards operation data from the power plant to the VPPS and receives online instructions from the VPP Control Center, thus manages the power plant units in line with multiple market demands in real time.

Multiple markets

VPP purchases the capacity flexibilities and the produced electricity of energy producers and enters multiple market segments with this integrated portfolio that has greater volume and flexibility. By simultaneously selling the energy generated by small-scale power plants on the power exchange, to end users and on the balancing energy markets, we utilize available energy sales channels with maximum effectiveness, ensuring premium margins and better capacity utilization for energy producers.


Energy producers can offer between 10% and 100% of their capacity to VPP’s Virtual Power Plant in order to:

  • realize a full circle sales and production management;

  • increase sales margins by selling energy to multiple market segments at the same time;

  • benefit from a better utilization of the available resources within the framework of the 360º Energy Management Service System;

  • achieve high capacity utilization at the highest possible level of reliability.

The small-scale power plants that are members of the VPPS are owned by our partners and have contractual relations with our company.


Our VPPS applies smart grid technologies in order to make production and consumption more predictable, balanced and interconnected. We connect energy producers directly to multiple market segments and offer premium capacity fees and premium energy fees for electricity flexibly produced within the VPPS, and thus provide our partners with opportunities for stable and predictable sales revenue.


By drawing from our company background in energy production and by skillfully adapting to challenging market conditions, VPP has gained a comprehensive knowledge of energy industry and energy trading markets and has successfully articulated the demand for greater efficiency and profitability. VPP’s cutting-edge Virtual Power Plant Solution, professional competence and the company’s regulated operation ensure higher margins and better efficiency for energy producers.


While energy producers offer up their capacity flexibilities to VPP, they keep control over their production, sales, and revenues though our 100% transparent Client Portal, a professional sales and production monitoring and controlling system available on variable GUI platforms that provides real-time information around the clock.