Benefits for Energy Consumers

VPP’s Virtual Power Plant provides Demand-Side Management services and ensures savings on energy costs together with additional technological and environmental benefits for heat and power consumers.

Smart C-Unit

The cutting-edge technology behind our VPPS is the key to all the benefits it delivers. Power and heat consumers are connected to our VPPS and managed by the VPP Control Center through a direct data connection. The Smart C-Unit is the control unit which forwards operation data from the power plant to the VPPS and receives online instructions from the VPP Control Center. As a result of this interaction, VPPS is able to switch on and off power plant units, able to change between available electricity producing equipment based on financial and efficiency considerations and local demands in order to optimize the cost of the produced power and heat in real time.

Customized onsite technology

VPP analyzes and reviews the consumer’s existing and forecasted energy demands and proposes an alternative technology set-up for a more flexible, more reliable and still cheaper energy supply. By this innovative production, storage and network setup deployed by VPP, power and heat customers are connected to the system of the Virtual Power Plant and benefit from the advantages of the balancing energy markets and our Demand-Side Management services. Related development and management expenses are covered by VPP, in addition to the financial services which we provide optionally.

Optimized energy usage

VPP replaces the existing energy supply of power & heat consumers and offers them a new, customized onsite technology solution with long-term sustainability which optimizes primary energy sources in order to reduce energy costs. Our intelligent VPPS provides automated energy source management: working in real time, it selects the best available energy source and matches it with the energy demands of the consumer. Selection of energy sources also takes into account customized onsite technologies and independent market channels.

Higher reliability

The customized onsite technology extends the circle of available primary energy sources and provides a more varied energy mix to choose from. This increases the reliability and flexibility of the consumer’s local power and heat supply. The real-time primary energy selection is automated and driven by VPP’s Virtual Power Plant Solution, which applies a robust IT structure developed by our company.


Drawing from our company’s background of power plant development, construction and operation, VPP has gained a comprehensive knowledge of energy production and onsite energy supply. Over the last decade, VPP’s dynamic team of engineers, IT experts, power plant operation and electricity trading professionals has realized 20 CHP and RES small-scale power plants for multinational and national companies like Coca-Cola, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and IKEA, as well as for city district heating companies, public institutions, commercial and office buildings. VPP’s cutting-edge Virtual Power Plant Solution, professional competence and the company’s regulated operation all contribute to ensuring versatile benefits and cost savings for energy consumers.


The foundation of our business concept is to provide customers with a long-term, sustainable, and inexpensive energy supply based on optimized primary energy usage. The customized onsite technology set-up deployed by VPP applies cutting-edge technology in order to better utilize the available energy sources. The results? Cheaper, more efficient energy, and lower CO2 emissions for greater sustainability and a cleaner world.