Technical Set-Up

VPP’s Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) is a robust IT structure which consists of a VPP Control Center and small-scale power plants operating locally and separately within the electricity grid.  It can link an unlimited number of small-scale power plants of any kind.

VPP Control Center connects and collectively manages both small-scale power plants and facilities of the energy consumers in accord with real-time demands in 24/7.

Our VPPS provides energy producers with electricity trading, plant operation, finance and controlling and IT support services.

What is the Smart Unit?

The Smart Unit is a control unit which forwards operation data from the power plants and receives online instructions from the VPP Control Center so that it can manage power generation in line with real-time market demands.

The VPP Control Center has a direct data connection not only with the control system of the small-scale power plants, but also
with multiple market segments, enabling it to ensure a balance between production and consumption around the clock.

The Smart Unit is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for increased transparency and reliability.