Demand-Side Management Services

VPP’s Virtual Power Plant offers power and heat consumers Demand-Side Management (DSM) services with a unique approach, as follows:

VPP’s Demand-Side Management does not require that you adjust yourself to frequently changing energy prices, nor that you impose limits on your energy consumption.

  • VPP replaces the consumers’ existing energy supply and offers a new customized onsite technology solution connected to the Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS).
  • Our VPPS manages this innovative production, storage and network set-up automatically.
  • Our VPPS ensures lower energy costs by selecting the cheapest energy sources available from onsite technology or on the multiple markets.
  • VPP provides a complete energy supply for power and heat without implying limitation on the consumption.

Besides lower energy costs, VPP provides a more flexible and reliable energy supply for companies with long-term sustainability.

Overview of Demand-Side Management services provided by VPPS  

Our VPPS delivers:

  • electricity and heat supply exactly matched to local consumer demand;

  • increased reliability of consumer power & heat supply by creating a more varied and efficient energy mix;

  • saving costs through real-time selection of the cheapest available energy sources;

  • automated technology and energy source management for real-time primary energy selection.

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