Sales & Production Management

For power and heat producers, VPP's Virtual Power Plant offer automated Sales & Production Management services (SPM) as follows:

Energy producers may choose to offer VPP’s Virtual Power Plant anywhere from 10% to 100% of their capacity.

  • VPP purchases the capacity flexibilities from energy producers.
  • Our VPPS manages the power plant production automatically based on real-time sales demands.
  • VPP sells the electricity produced on multiple markets at the same time:
    • on the power exchange
    • to end-users and also
    • on the balancing energy markets.

All this leads to higher margins for energy producers without the additional costs of electricity trading and balancing energy.

Overview of Sales & Production Management services provided by VPPS

Our VPPS is capable of:

  • automated production management, thus realizing power generation, regulation, and energy supply in 24/7;

  • operating a balance group and properly managing decentralized small-scale power plants adjusted in real time to sales demands arising within and outside the balancing group;

  • real-time electricity sales management optimizing electricity trading and utilizing all available sales channels in order to secure the best available energy price at all times;

  • connecting energy producers directly and simultaneously to multiple energy market segments – power exchanges, end users, system-level regulation – thus ensuring higher margins for producers;

  • coordinating power and heat generation to ensure that generation profiles comply with local electricity demands and heat energy consumption needs, all with impeccable reliability.

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