Corporate Structure

VPP is a transparent company group of which activity relies on its subsidiaries’ operation in several countries in Europe.

Holding Company

VPP Beteiligungs AG

Quer strasse 5.
8213 Neuhauser am Rheinfall, Switzerland

Management Company

Our management company provides international management services to the company group.

VPP International Zrt.

Bocskai út 134-146. Building C, 3rd Floor
1113 Budapest, Hungary


National companies are in charge of local business development and operation.

Germany - VPP Energy GmbH

Riesstrasse 20
80992 München, Germany

Hungary – VPP Energy Zrt.

Bocskai út 134-146. Building C, 3rd Floor
1113 Budapest, Hungary

Slovakia - VPP Energy a.s.

Prešovská 40/A.
821 02 Bratislava, Slovakia



The VPP group is a private company owned by EWP A.G. in 60% and by Black Bear L.L.C. in 10%. The company offers an attractive employee share option scheme selectively for management members, which sums up a 30% of ownership.

EWP Investment & Management A.G. (Switzerland)

EWP is a professional investor focusing on innovation intensive energy companies since 1992. EWP is active on European growth markets and provides solid background and widespread expertise for technology development and market development.

BLACK BEAR Fund Management L.L.C. (United States)

Blackbear is an american private equity that has helped spur innovation and economic growth across Central Europe and in the United States through extensive investments in IT/media, renewable energy and real estate since 1999.


VPP’s activities and competences rely on the robust IT structure embodied in our state-of-the art Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS).
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VPP is committed to promote the use of smart grid technologies making decentralized and alternative energy systems more flexible, efficient and secure.
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VPP is a fast-growing international company present in 5 countries with 80 employees in Europe.
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